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r=k Consultancy specializes in integral (financial/operational) risk management solutions, from the project staging, through mathematical/statistical analysis up to production quality software implementation.

r=k Consultancy is an independent service provider, not a flex contract employee. The expertise lies therefore in a project/problem to be solved, with a guarantee to solve it independently and being accountable.

In other words the accent lies on creating versus conserving value

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    Financial risk management solutions

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    Stochastic modelling

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    Production quality software

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    Quantitative analysis

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    Project staging


Marek Jendrichovsky has gained extensive experience during his 20+ years in the international business, combining the academic education in Financial Mathematics (MSc) with pragmatism of a professional software engineer and open-mindedness of a business expat. His past permanent career track covers several European countries and several Dutch (subsidiaries of) major financial industry companies.

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What we do

Stochastic modelling

Quantitative analysis and development qua finacnial risk, workflow/schedule modelling in operational research.

Professional quality software

Even the most high-tech mathematical algorithm is as good as its software implementation.

Project lead/staging

We know and have worked with quality people and can engage them at short notice.

Delivered projects

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  • Stochastic Modelling
  • Software Engineering
  • Project lead/staging
  • Marek started to work for Atradius in 2011. Within no-time he made important contributions to the projects we were working on.

    Marek knows what he is doing, he has been around the block, he is fast, analytical, independent, and does not suffer from 'analysis-paralysis' and he is not afraid to ask. I can highly recommend this extremely useful and nice guy.

    Manuel Reenders • Freelance Quant Analyst & Developer, Scientific Programmer
  • Marek was part of the small team I have been leading to deliver a Solvency II compliant Reinsurance Engine for the complex risk mitigation solutions of the Atradius Group.
    I dare say without Marek the project would not have been a success. I recommend him from my heart for any complex, quantiative project.

    David Kun • CEO, Functional Finances Ltd
  • I was Marek's manager when working (and studying) at SNS REAAL Marek is an eager learner and a smart mathematician capable of going full-circle from analysis through mathematical modelling, (back)testing to software development and implementation. I consider him an asset to any quant team either on the mathematical modelling side or on the development side.

    Eelco Scheer • Advisor-investor at Perflectie

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